I make myself laugh so hard. I think I find myself funnier than everybody else might.

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Anonymous: dfsd/lgjs/lh Now I'm gonna die you're absolutely sweet and then you said I love you. Okay I'm sounding more and more lame with each word. You're so gorgeous and perfect and talented and kfdgls perfect in every single way. <3

omg hahahha<3

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Anonymous: Can you post a selfie?

u asked 

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Anonymous: If you and Ariana were ever to take a picture I'm very sure the camera would break cause it can't capture y'alls beauty. I'm surprised it doesn't when y'all take them alone I don't know if that sounds lame, but y'all are fsldjgsl;j so pretty. <3

I love u so much

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hello friends I’m just gonna leave this here

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I don’t see myself as sexy, and I’m not comfortable being sexy and dressing sexy. I don’t feel comfortable flaunting my body that much yet. I don’t need to do that to show I’m grown up. I don’t want people to talk about my choices or how little I’m wearing. I just want the conversation to be about the music and what I’m creating.

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